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Welcome to Upper Valley Sports. If you’re a parent, relative or friend of a young athlete….or if you’re just interested in seeing the youth of the Upper Valley have an opportunity to be involved in sports on any level; then you’re in the right place. UVSports is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making quality training both affordable and accessible.

My name is Steve Cerrone and I’m on a mission at Upper Valley Sports to get kids off of the couches, away from the electronics and back on the playing fields where they belong. Whether they just want to play for the fun and exercise…OR….if they’re dedicated athletes that want to take their game to the next level, they’re in the right place too; Upper Valley Sports

I could bore you to tears with all of the statistics why it’s so important for kids to be involved in organized sports, because of health, social, or skill building reasons. But I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of that. (see the benefits section @)

But more than just an athletic training facility for the youth of the Upper Valley, UVSports will also have activities that cater to the parents and grandparents, Wounded Warriors, Special Olympics, youth special needs groups, family and social outings, and the community at large.

We want to be the venue for ongoing health and family participation. We want everyone, at every age and ability level to have an opportunity to be active.

So don’t just stand on the sidelines; get involved, participate, expend some energy and most important of all…..HAVE FUN!


Warm Regards,
Steve Cerrone
Ex. Dir.

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