Truck Day, Truck Day, Truck Day

Truck Day, Truck Day, Truck Day

What’s better than TRUCK DAY?¬†Pitchers and catchers? Opening day of the Grapefruit League? Opening day of the

Truck Day
The Red Sox equipment truck is packed with gear and ready for its annual trip south. Twitter/@RedSox

season? The Home Opener? Well, if you’re a baseball fan – they’re all great days. But today is the semi-official day that kicks off the baseball season and for those with “The Fever” we’re all like little kids with a new toy.
Check out the MLB Montage.

What is Truck Day

‘Truck day’ is when MLB clubs pack up all of their gear and ship it out to their Spring Training destination in either Florida or Arizona. Although it’s still a week before pitchers and catchers report, and it’s still cold and miserable in many of the northern cities, baseball fans everywhere brave the weather to watch the trucks load up their favorite team’s equipment as an official “salute” and kickoff to the season.

Here is what the Red Sox loaded onto their truck for the trip south.

  • 20,400 baseballs
  • truck day
    Truck Day for the Tribe

    1,100 bats

  • 200 batting gloves
  • 200 batting helmets
  • 320 batting practice tops
  • 160 white game jerseys
  • 300 pairs of pants

    truck day
    Phillies Headin’ South
  • 400 t-shirts
  • 400 pairs of socks
  • 20 cases of bubble gum
  • 60 cases of sunflower seeds


truck day
Mr. Met ready for some warm weather and plenty of baseball.








It’s the annual rite of passage that players and fans can’t wait for. We suffer through the winter months begrudgingly in anticipation of today and what it means; More baseball news and more importantly, MORE BASEBALL!

truck day 6
George Steinbrenner field in Lake Buena Vista Fl.

While the political world is still reeling about last night’s results in the New Hampshire Primary, the baseball aficionados of the world, who’ve been the “Dog without a bone” all winter, are rejoicing for the start of their favorite sport, America’s Pastime! Let the games begin!

truck day
Red Sox Jet Blue Park Complex in Fort Meyers Fl.

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