Sports And Life Lessons; Taylor Steadman; A Young Lady With Character

Sports And Life Lessons; Taylor Steadman; A Young Lady With Character

Sports, undoubtedly has played a huge role in Taylor Steadman’s life.  This article isn’t about what she’s done for sports (which is enormous) as what sports has done for her.

Sports and Life Lessons; Taylor Steadman; A Young Lady With Character
Taylor Steadman

If I had to find just one word that describes Taylor Steadman;          If I had to limit this article to that one and only one word;

That word would have to be Character.

Sports And Life Lessons; Taylor Steadman; A Young Lady With Character

I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of knowing her and had the luxury of coaching Taylor when she was younger. You couldn’t ask for a more respectful, dedicated or coach-able athlete…Period. Never questioned drills, always gave it 110% and was one of the most talented athletes I’ve seen. I used to say that if I had two more of her, I would own this league!

In her younger days you’d see her playing a variety of sports. Always an extremely competitive athlete, I’m reminded of when she played soccer for me. Taylor was a team player and would pass the ball to a teammate that may have had a better opportunity. (Even if that player didn’t possess the same skills she did) One particular game, it was halftime, we were down 2-1 and I took her aside after the team huddle.

“Taylor, I appreciate you’re being a team player but none of the other girls have the foot you do. I want you to carry it a little more and work for the shot. I really want to win this game and I need two goals from you in the second half.”

“Okay Coach”, was all she said.. Needless to say, she carried the play, scored the two goals and I got the story book ending I was looking for.

Funny story. During that same season, I told the girls that if we won a particular game, team party was at my house and they could call the menu. (within reason) Naturally I’m expecting the usual pizza, soda, etc. Taylor says to me, “Hey Coach, how about Greek Salads?” Didn’t see that one coming. But a promise is a promise….so…. Greek Salads it was. Never made one before and I’m glad I did. To this day, I have her to thank for my appreciation of said culinary delight.

Oh, did I mention that it cost a small fortune for all of the exotic peppers, olives, cheeses etc. Worth every penny!

Her Favorite Sport; Hockey

Nowadays (is that even a word) she focuses on the sport she loves the most; hockey. “I really don’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in hockey,” she said enthusiastically. “My Dad first put me on skates when I was three years old and I quickly fell in love!”

So, more than just your basic casual athlete, Taylor wanted to take her hockey career to the next level. That, my friends means a lot more rink time, training, countless road trips, early morning workouts and long periods of time away from home.

“I have played year round since I was probably eight years old. In the fall and winter I played throughout New England. In the spring and summer I would play on tournament teams playing in Canada, New England and New York. I also would do a number of summer camps every year.” That’s just what you do when you’re really passionate about something.“Hockey is far and away my favorite and best sport. I have tried many other sports when I was younger but never grew the enthusiasm for them that I have for hockey.” You couldn’t tell that by watching her play soccer!

And her competitive nature that I spoke about earlier is readily apparent when you watch her play.

Sports And Life Lessons; Taylor Steadman; A Young Lady With Character
NCAA D3 Frozen Four National Championship Game – Steadman Scores the Game Winner

“I’ve always been extremely competitive, whether it is fighting for a spot in playoff hockey or just messing around at the rink playing with friends. I am very passionate about hockey and the more I push myself, the more I grow!”

Nose For The Net

While playing for Elmira College, her biggest moment came on Mar. 16th in the NCAA Championship game against Middlebury College when she produced the only goal to help EC win its third National Championship. She was named to the NCAA Championship All-Tournament Team

Sports And Life Lessons

She attributes playing sports (albeit mostly hockey) to her development as a person.

“Sports taught me about being part of something bigger than just myself, it taught me how to rely on and trust others. Sports have showed me what it means to never give up and that when things look bad, you can turn them around and persevere. I am more disciplined and understand how much work must be put into your goals.” (speaking of goals – how about NEHC All Academic Honors?)

Sports And Life Lessons; Taylor Steadman; A Young Lady With Character
Spartans Earn NEHC All-Academic Honors – Taylor is #24 (2nd from right)

“I have learned a lot about “failing.” Even sports injuries have taught me to take a step back and be thankful for the things that I have. Through sports I have made friends that I will have for life, memories that I will cherish forever, and lessons that have shaped who I am and what I will accomplish. The advantages of playing are endless.”

Sports Or Electronics (Get Off  The Couch)

I asked her what she would  say to kids growing up today in regards to the amount of time they spend with their electronic devices vs. playing sports or being outside?

“You will never realize your potential, live out your dreams, grow cherished friendships or lasting memories playing with an electronic device. Get outside, run through the woods, use your imagination, laugh and play until you’re exhausted. Be part of a team, learn to support others and trust them to support you. I promise you wont regret it.”

“Know what it is like to aspire to play for a championship. And even if you don’t win, know the burning desire for nothing more than the chance to reach your goals.

I understand that hockey isn’t for everyone, but there are many sports out there and you can learn from every single one of them.”

Sage advice! Good luck wherever the next step takes you!




Sports And Life Lessons; Taylor Steadman; A Young Lady With Character   Upper Valley Sports


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