Sox Blog; Notes From The Bull…Pen; Will Firing Farrell Fix Our Floundering Favorites?

Sox Blog; Notes From The Bull…Pen; Will Firing Farrell Fix Our Floundering Favorites?

Axe me the Question!

The Sox have problems! Will Firing Farrell fix those problems? There are many who contend that is the solution to saving what was considered to be a very promising season. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

Farrell’s foes site his in-game management as one of the primary reasons for giving him the hook. I won’t get into all of the specific situations but he has replaced hot hands with ice cubes, yanked good pitching performances prematurely, then ludicrously left others in against overwhelming odds. And his post game reasoning is as questionable as his calls.



On the con side you have the overpriced Price with paltry performances and an ERA as staggering as his Price-tag! Then there’s the oft injured and ineffectual pair of Buchholz and Kelly. Is that Farrell’s fault? Probably not. The bright spots of Porcello and Wright help to ease the pain but the Red Sox pitching woes have only been bolstered by an underwhelming ERod and another very promising but under performing Henry Owen. But here’s another fly in the ointment. What about managers that get the most mileage out of their players? The guys that inspire their guys to “Go out and get one for the Gipper” and “Fight, fight, fight?” Where’s Pat O’Brien when you really need him?

Farrell has been anything but that awe inspiring tower of strength that produces super human efforts from marginal ball players. To me – his lackluster personae is part of the problem – but that’s just an opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

On Firing Farrell

To be honest, I’m in the Eric Wilbur camp and have been for some time. Farrell’s record with the Sox is 290-277, not totally horrible but you have to consider that includes two years at the bottom of the pickle barrel and an inexplicable World Series Championship which the majority feel was beyond Farrell’s capability. Add that to the fact that he served 1/2 a season last year, sidelined with the cancer issue, and maybe it gives him some leeway in DD’s decision to make a managerial move. My guess is that you may see that by the all star break, especially if the mediocre mayhem persists!

Is Firing Farrell Just Dodging a Bullett?

Then there are those staunch supporters who proclaim the Sox maladies are beyond the repair of a manager, be it Farrell, Lovullo, or even the Good Lord himself. (yes he’s a baseball fan!) Scott Lauber of ESPN cites what he thinks are the Sox irreparable issues. But once again we’re not considering that all important intangible asset of inspiration!

Last but not least is change for the sake of change. The Sox management has one of the most promising collections of young talent that may be the equivalent of any in MLB history, shored up with some venerable and perennial all star caliber talent. What will it take to get this team to play offense and defense in the same game; for pitching and hitting to co-exist in every game and to lower the collective ERA from 4.49 to something more respectable. Giving JF may be the answer and I’d be a proponent of that move as a measure to put the shine back on the armor and hopefully let Papi exit the MLB with something more than an attaboy!

What do you think? Is firing Farrell the answer? Leave a comment so we know – the more people that leave a comment the better idea we’ll get as to what the GP thinks. Thanks – Steve C



Sox Blog; Notes From The Bull…Pen; Will Firing Farrell Fix Our Floundering Favorites?



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2 thoughts on “Sox Blog; Notes From The Bull…Pen; Will Firing Farrell Fix Our Floundering Favorites?

  • July 4, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    I’m torn on the issue as I have stood on BOTH sides of the pros and cons presented above. I guess, 1st off, how do the 24 players feel? If I knew they had JF back & realize that poor pitching & defense rather than management are what’s holding the team back, then I say keep the skip and plug away. If the team is frustrated then maybe a change is what is needed. There is just to much offense to just waste a season in 3rd or 4th place in the AL East. As not to give a wishy washy answer, I’ll vote to turn the reigns over to TL in the 2nd half & see what happens!

    • July 4, 2016 at 11:09 pm

      It seems as if that’s the prevailing sentiment. I’m never in favor of letting someone go unless it’s warranted. In this case, like you said, there’s just too much talent to waste.


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