Hanover Baseball Coach Grainger No Stranger To Upper Valley Sports

Grainger Gets The Nod For Hanover Baseball Coach

Former Hanover Baseball Coach and 25 year veteran at the helm, Mike Jackson, stepped away from the long time position and gave the greenlight to John Grainger.

Hanover Baseball Coach Grainger No Stranger To Upper Valley Sports
John Grainger  B.A. Biology, Keene State College, Keene, NH M.S. Exercise Physiology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

John Grainger only started as Hanover Baseball Coach two weeks ago but is no stranger to Upper Valley Baseball. A former Keene High and Keene State standout (2005 All Conference Team), Grainger has been coaching baseball at Colby Sawyer College and the Lebanon Post 22 Junior Legion team. He also has been working with athletes in the area at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center as a certified exercise physiologist and trainer.

Walks The Walk

The new Hanover Baseball Coach likes his players to be drilled in the fundamentals. I can say this from experience after having watched my son play for Coach Grainger at Post 22. But Grainger not only ‘talks the talk’ but he ‘walks the walk’ as well. He’s done it all and can still do it all. His players like the fact that he gets ‘in the dirt’ with them and can demonstrate all of the plays; the throwdown from behind the plate,  fielding a grounder, bunting, and how to execute a double play. He gets the most out of his players because he demands the best, but has an affable demeanor in the process. His players understand him and what may seem ambiguous, they like and respect him. Grainger has the ability to run the ship as a mentor and a friend; a quality all coaches aspire to but few achieve. Hanover baseball is getting a coaching facelift and look for them to tear it up. Good luck coach with your new diggs!



Hanover Baseball Coach Grainger No Stranger To Upper Valley Sports;  Upper Valley Sports



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