Concussion; Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Concussion; Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Concussion; A traumatic brain injury caused by a violent blow or fall where the brain moves around inside the skull.

Concussion; Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention
What is a concussion?

Concussions happen more frequently than previously thought and awareness is critical in the diagnosis and treatment. While I’m not a doctor or even an authority on the subject, I do know it’s critical for coaches, parents, teachers, trainers etc. to be able to detect and deal with concussions in adolescents or adults to help prevent any long term issues.

Can It Be Prevented

In a word, No. There is no way to prevent a concussion. It can happen anytime or anywhere.  However it is possible to lessen the possibility of a concussion with some exercises.


Concussion detection is paramount in lessening the severity of any long term issues from a concussion. The sooner it is detected and treated, the better the chances are to a quicker and more complete recovery. There are over 3,000,000 occurrences each year and here are 11 facts.


Concussion; Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention
Detecting and dealing with a concussion

Recently, the Vermont AOE updated their guidelines to awareness, detection and treatment. This is a great guide for all coaches to understand “reasonable steps to prevent, and to minimize the effects of, school athletic team-related concussions.” This information isn’t limited to just coaches and trainers. As in the case of CPR, this is something everyone should be aware of. Here’s another interesting(MUST SEEvideo from the CLF. Concussions can happen anytime and anywhere and aren’t restricted to sports related injuries. The fact of the matter is that they occur in children quite frequently and often go undetected resulting in long term repercussions.

Concussion; Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention


Get Treatment

If you’re unsure if anyone has suffered one, the best bet is to get to a trainer, doctor, nurse etc. to make sure. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I’ve known people that have suffered serious consequences from the effects. Remember that it’s trauma to the brain which damages the neurofibers. YES it’s serious! Get treatment.

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