Brock Holt Slams The Door On Toronto

Brock Holt Slams The Door On Toronto

How do you describe this game – multiple kudos  – Ortiz continues to impress, 2 hits and 2 RBIs – Bogaertz 3 for 5, Shaw, a walk, a hit, two runs and an unbelievable barehander, Ramirez 2 for 5 and the game winning RBI. Okay, it’s got to be Brock Holt, 5 RBIs and an outstanding defensive play in the 7th. Player of the game and deservedly so.

Brock Holt Slams The Door On Toronto
Fives for the Holt-ster after his slam put the Sox back on the map.

A dramatic come from behind win that had the look of doom and gloom after Donaldson mashed a creampuff from Kelly and delivered a souvenir to the left field bleachers. 4th inning, 7-2 Toronto and Rogers Field lit up like the 4th of July. Who had any hope for this one! But not only did the Sox come back with the Guns of Navarone, but the bullpen gave up a miserly 2 hits over the next five innings and deserve a big ATTABOY for that one. Noe Ramirez, Matt Barnes, Junichi, Koji, and the Iceman Craig Kimbrel closed it out BIG TIME.

The storyline could have been much different. Kelly got into trouble early in the first inning but got away with only one run. But the wheels fell off the wagon in the fourth when Kelly gave up four singles off of four fastballs. 2-2. Then Kelly beaned Pillar in the brim of the helmet. 3-2 Toronto.

I know hindsight is 20-20 but I think Farrell should have given Kelly the hook right there. You know he’s shaken up and he’s got Josh Donaldson at the plate, the 2015 MVP. Sorry John but I’m thinking you should get the hook! Be that as it may… and as much as I root for Kelly, the inevitable or should I say easily predictable outcome came to fruition and Donaldson got the slam. 7-2 Toronto and normally Sox fans would be running for the exits like the building was on fire.

Here Comes the Cavalry

Fortunately, like a bad B movie, the cavalry came to the rescue. In the sixth inning, still down 7-2, Bogaertz strokes a double and Ortiz and Shaw walked. Brock Holt steps up to the plate with the bases loaded and drills a liner over the right field fence to bring the Sox within one. Then in the seventh, Pedroia, Bogaertz, Ortiz and Ramirez all singled (RBI for Ortiz and Ramirez) and Boston takes the lead in one of the wildest games imaginable.


Brock Holt Slams The Door On Toronto; Upper Valley Sports

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