About Us


Upper Valley Baseball Academy/Upper Valley Sports is dedicated to providing quality, year round indoor training to the youth of the Upper Valley that is both affordable and accessible.”


We are a registered NH nonprofit and 501(c)3 Federal Tax Exempt Corp.  UVBA/Upper Valley Sports is a project that started several years ago as an attempt to find indoor batting cages for the young men and women of the Upper Valley. With all of the people involved and all of the collective contacts, it was impossible to find any space in the heart of the Upper Valley that wasn’t premium priced.

In addition, there is no dedicated indoor sports training facility in the Upper Valley. Bottom line is that we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature to provide playing time at outdoor fields and practice time is limited to the outdoor season.

Given the competitive nature of athletics, this isn’t nearly enough time for the serious athlete to groom their talents and be on par with the upper echelon to the sport. Anyone aspiring to a  career at the collegiate level is severely handicapped and must travel long distances and pay exorbitant fees the get the necessary training. Whether serious athletes or just someone that wants to play, we want our youth off of the couches,  away from the electronics and back on the fields getting the exercise they need. Please join Upper Valley Sports in the effort to provide quality indoor sports training to the youth of the Upper Valley.

Upper Valley Sports wants to bring an indoor facility to the Upper Valley so we can provide this service. Whether we rent or build, indoor is the way to go.

If you would like to get involved, please feel free to  call me anytime.

All the best,

Steve Cerrone
Ex. Dir. UVBA/UVSports


Upper Valley Sports @ UpperValleySports.org